Our Real Estate Appraisal Process

How Real Estate Appraisals Work

Being informed about how your real estate will be appraised by our certified real estate appraiser helps you better understand your property valuation and why you need a qualified, experienced appraiser.

Step One Real Estate Appraisal Process

Initial Phone Call

Our process begins with a phone call conversation to discuss your unique needs and what we can do to help you have a smooth and effective appraisal process. We will then set up an appointment to go over the appraisal in detail and how we conduct the appraisal.

Market Research

After your appointment, we use marketing research using knowledge of the value of certain items such as square footage, extra bathrooms, hardwood floors, fireplaces or view lots (just to name a few), the appraiser adjusts the comparable properties to more accurately portray the subject property. 

Combining information from all approaches, the appraiser is then ready to stipulate an estimated market value for the subject property. It is important to note that while this amount is probably the best indication of what a property is worth, it may not be the final sales price.

There are always mitigating factors such as seller motivation, urgency or “bidding wars” that may adjust the final price up or down. But the appraised value is often uses as a guideline for lenders who don’t want to loan a buyer more money than the property is actually worth.

Step Two Real Estate Appraisal Process
Step Three Real Estate Appraisal Process

Confident, Informed Decisions

Finally, we will schedule a consultation to review what was learned in the market research and get you an accurate property value estimate. We will provide you with a deep understanding of the value of your home so you can make the most informed real estate decision. 

Areas We Serve

  • Benton
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